What to Expect from Carers?

Receiving care is something a large percentage of the population will have to go through. Whether it is short or long term, care professionals are an integral part of society and our lives at some point or another. Carers or, care professionals, can be a part of our lives via caring for you directly or caring for your loved ones. But it can be hard to know what you should expect from carers.

Below is a list of things you can expect from your carers while you or your loved one is receiving additional support, personal care, home care or residency in a care home.


Foremost, you should always feel safe and comfortable with your carer. No matter if you’re receiving personal care or living in a care home, your comfort around the carer(s) is paramount. A good care worker will have the right skills to make you feel comfortable and looked after in their presence and should never leave you feeling bad. Additionally, if you have specific cultural or religious requirements, these should be respected by your carer.

Your needs

A carer’s job is to assist you in your requirements, and therefore they should be skilled and diligent in meeting your needs. These can be as small as domestic help, shopping calls, or larger tasks such as medication assistance and toileting assistance. No matter your requirements, you should feel comfortable asking your carer for support.

You’re kept up to date

A good carer should always have excellent communication and keep you up to date with any changes or issues in advance. Things such as a new carer taking over or filling in for them one day, changes to your routine, etc.

Forms are updated regularly

Home care agency staff should always be up to date with any forms or diary information required for your health. These documents should be updated regularly and always filled in correctly, especially if you have more than one carer.

A dedicated plan

Before agreeing to any care, it is important to have read and understood your personal care plan and what care you will be receiving. A lot of home care agencies will allow you to be part of the care plan process and create a plan that is bespoke to you and your health requirements.


If you have ongoing health issues and require consistent care, it is essential that your carer is reliable and will be consistent with your care needs.


It should go without saying that you’ll benefit from a carer who is observant of your needs, but it is important to have someone who knows what you need and can respond well to cues. Of course, as your relationship grows you will get to know each other better and they may find it easier to understand what you need when you need it.

A carers job will vary from person to person. It’s important to remain patient and kind when falling into a routine with your carer as you’ll likely find what works for you after settling into your relationship with your carer. However, if you need any further advice or support, do not hesitate to get in contact with us.