Personal Care Services

What is Personal care Services ?

Personal care services are designed to benefit vulnerable persons who feel they would benefit from some additional support conducting their daily life. Personal care services benefit those who are living with a long-term illness, recovering from an illness or surgery, and those who enjoy their independence but would also benefit from additional support.

Personal care services can last for long or short term periods and can occur as much or as little as the individual requires in order to lead a healthy and independent life.

Supporting individuals with their daily life to maximise their well being, health and happiness, while also remaining largely independent is the goal of all personal care services.


What activities does personal care cover?

Personal care services are performed by a care professional in the comfort of your own home. These services include:

  • Bathing and other personal hygiene tasks
  • Mobility assistance
  • Shopping/errands
  • Light domestic help
  • Dressing/undressing
  • Medication assistance
  • Medication collection
  • Meal prep
  • Meal assistance
  • Daily tasks
  • Socialising
Nurse taking personal care of elderly lady
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The Benefits

Personal care can be greatly beneficial to individuals seeking some assistance in their life, while also wishing to lead an independent life. Personal care can help maintain a happy and healthy lifestyle, enjoying mealtime, medication and personal hygiene assistance.

For those living alone, personal care services can provide additional support, as well as social interaction and assistance with daily life. Such as bathing, dressing, medication collection.

Our Tailored approach for Personal Care

Our approach to personal care is based on understanding your or your loved one’s personal needs, requirements, and values so that we can provide the support that helps you maintain as much independence as possible. You are our top priority.