Medication Assistance for Elderly

What is Medication services?

Keeping on top of medication; whether it's updating and picking up your prescription, or medicating yourself daily, can be a difficult task. For older adults, medication management can be stressful and time-consuming. To avoid unnecessary stress, medication services are on offer from Kingfisher Care to support you or a loved one handle daily medication management and collection.


OUR Support

Staying on top of prescription management and medication can be quite difficult, especially as we get older. Leaving the home to collect prescriptions can be time-consuming, and staying on top of medication doses can be confusing and at times overwhelming.

We understand the struggles of staying on top of medication management, and as such, we offer medication services to assist you daily or weekly with your medication needs. Our care professionals will ease some of this stress and provide you with support in taking and staying up to date with your medication, including prescription collection and order.

Kingfisher Care aims to assist all individuals in an independent and healthy life.

Smiling woman doctor prescribing medicine giving vitamins bottle to happy senior grandmother patient sit on sofa during medical healthcare visit
cheerful young woman helping an elderly woman with pills medical prescription

How we help

Our team are there to prompt and remind individuals that their medication needs to be taken. Additionally, we can help administer any prescribed medication, creams, or lotions with full support.

We monitor and record any medication administered and can discuss with your Doctor and Pharmacist if required.

Ultimately, we're here to assist you with leading a healthy, happy and independent life.


Our carers are happy to manage you or your family members' medication, as well as be a point of contact for doctors and pharmacists. Additionally, we can support you with medication management, prescription collection and other additional support you may require.