Domestic Support Services

What is Domestic support?

Domestic support encompasses all kinds of support to help you with your daily life and tasks. Care such as; excursion and shopping assistance, meal preparation services, assisting with light domestic support, personal hygiene tasks, etc. Our services are designed to support and assist you with maintaining a healthy and happy independent life by easing some of the daily pressures.


Here to help

Our care professionals are available to assist and support you with ongoing domestic tasks such as dusting, vacuuming and light cleaning tasks, such as in the bathroom or kitchen area. The services are designed to ease some of the domestic pressures from you if they are beginning to become too much.

If you're struggling to leave the home to pick up shopping, or if you're struggling with maintaining a clean home, Kingfisher Care is here to help support you in leading a healthy and happy lifestyle.

woman nurse give help support handicapped old lady patient sitting in wheelchair.
female nurse caretaker help injured old adult grandma patient assisting holding walking with senior lady at home

Our care staff understand everyone has individual and unique needs, as well as their own way of doing things. For this reason, you or your loved one are always in total control of the care and support you receive

Our Tailored Approach for Domestic support services

Our aim is to support you in living a healthy, happy and independent life.