"Keep up to date with our app"

Our Caring Technology

At Kingfisher Care, we pride ourselves on using the most up-to-date digital software to deliver professional care. This is all done through the app: Access Care Planner.

This essential care technology provides updates throughout the day, as well as real-time notifications and the chance to communicate with the client’s family/friends and our care staff.

Our care staff logs into the app once arriving at their client’s home. The app includes all the essential information for our care professionals to curate a care plan and continuously provide exceptional care.

Risk Assessments

Our app provides up to date risk assessment information, as well as all records of administered medication. All medication is recorded on a MAR (medication administration record).

What Our App Records

The app provides up to date information of the care provided by our care staff. The app will highlight what care tasks have been given and at what time. This includes:

  • Kingfisher Bird- With Colours

    Personal care

  • Kingfisher Bird- With Colours

    Oral care

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    Foot care

  • Kingfisher Bird- With Colours

    Wound care

  • Kingfisher Bird- With Colours

    Domestic tasks

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    If the client is wearing their lifeline

  • Kingfisher Bird- With Colours

    Lights on/off

Access Care Planner is designed to keep all family/friends up to date with their loved one’s care services, as well as providing additional peace of mind.


Family and friends have the ability to log in at home or on the go, via the mobile app. The app is available 24 hours a day and comes as standard with our care. No additional charges. You can send and receive messages through the app regarding your loved one’s care. If you need to contact the care assistant, you can do so through the app and receive immediate responses.

Care plans can be updated within minutes, as well as any other essential information. Such as any medication changes. Our software keeps everyone up to date.

Our software is incredibly beneficial and allows families to remain up to date with when our call-ins are made, as well as which care professional has attended. Additionally, if in the event of calling out a paramedic, we have accurate records of when and which medications are administered.

Our care logs are monitored daily and help us keep track of any changes to a client’s health and well-being.

Kingfisher Care find this technology is incredibly useful and essential to delivering safe, effective, and responsive care at all times.


Care Quality Commission

Although we have a "requires improvement" rating, we have implemented all necessary changes to ensure we offer the best care available to all service users.

As part of our commitment to improve ourselves, we have implemented this app, to allow daily monitoring and total transparency with the care you receive.